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Fueled by faith, Dan Patrick readies for next transformation
Houston Chronicle, 10/24/14, 2,126 words

Grand jurors offended by Rick Perry suggestion indictment was political
Houston Chronicle, 8/19/14, 957 words

Hundreds of dangerously mentally ill residents released on technicalities
The Seattle Times, 5/10/14, 2,585 words

New fire chief being tested by disaster
The Seattle Times, 3/28/14, 994 words

Parents of slain mentally ill man lobby for broader treatment laws
The Seattle Times, 1/26/14, 1,645 words

Washington ballot issues draw unprecedented out-of-state cash
The Seattle Times, 11/03/13, 1,351 words

'Forcibly detained to be treated, forced to wait for treatment'
The Seattle Times, 10/06/13, 2,594 words

McGinn didn’t release coal study’s findings for 5 weeks
The Seattle Times, 08/20/13, 904 words

King County drunken-driving suspects often not charged for months
The Seattle Times, 06/16/13, 1,382 words

State teachers union flexing sizable political muscle again
The Seattle Times, 05/04/13, 1,132 words

Gun-control group plans 2014 initiative campaign
The Seattle Times, 04/15/13, 797 words

Months after election, McKenna campaign fund kept spending
The Seattle Times, 04/09/13, 512 words

Gun-control advocates launch lobbying blitz ahead of key vote
The Seattle Times, 03/09/13, 720 words

Seattle’s new elementaries would be among state’s biggest, most expensive ever
The Seattle Times, 02/08/13, 1,419 words

Same-sex weddings usher in new era in Washington state
The Seattle Times, 12/10/12, 1,819 words

Inslee quietly scales back expected savings from a centerpiece of his platform
The Seattle Times, 10/30/12, 1,213 words

Local law enforcement groups paid nearly $100,000 to protect Obama
The Seattle Times, 08/21/12, 754 words

Recession Generation hit hard in struggle to adulthood
The Seattle Times, 05/19/12, 1,956 words

Seattle Public Schools faces 'glass palace' debt burden of $50 million
The Seattle Times, 12/13/11, 1,059 words

Surging enrollment blindsides Seattle schools
The Seattle Times, 10/16/11, 1,348 words

'Dismantling of a legacy': The rise and fall of David Protess
The Daily Northwestern, 05/11/11, 3,921 words

Northwestern reaches $2 million settlement with Sunshine family
The Daily Northwestern, 09/21/10, 1,828 words

Arrested O.C. woman knew she could be deported, sacrificed for cause
The Orange County Register, 07/21/10, 748 words